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Barn in winter

DeFrost: A Documentary

by Leo De Firenze

DeFrost is a documentary about growing up in a little red house in a cold, harsh valley. This is a story about my mother's childhood. This film attempts to capture vignettes of her upbringing — her family, friends, pets, and eventual depature from a freezing valley in Northern Italy — through beautiful cinematography and narration.

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model sitting in chair

The Right Tights

by Riley Mae

These tights are 50 denier, beautifully constructed, hand-dyed, and guaranteed to last (no more ladders!). Made with high quality, completely toxic-free materials. Custom colors available to all backers.

luxorious room interior decoration

Peppermint Smart Home

by Brian McDonald

Instantly upgrade your home with technology that keeps your family and home safe. We've made Peppermint easy to use. Just talk to your phone and Peppermint will help you every step of the way.

subway turnstyle

American Streetlife

by Patrick Wallace

I've been traveling around the United States for the past two years. I've slept on hundreds of couches, more than a few benches, and captured my experiences in this 120 page photo album.

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